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Martini Rising Cards: $ 25.00
This is the trick that started our business in 1971. Three cards are selected from the deck and returned. One by one the cards rise from the pack. Nothing to set up, always read, and can be done surrounded. Comes with Lifetime Warranty on the rising unit. Made in Bicycle backs.

Svengali Deck: $ 9.00
Ideal for the beginner or seasoned pro. Cards are shown to be all different, one is selected and it jumps from bottom to top, deck is cut into three piles and selected card jumps from pile to pile and in the end all the cards change to match the selected card. One simple move and the cards are back to normal instantly. A mechanical deck made in Bicycle backs and for those in the know the corners are rerounded which is very important for professional use. The choice of the pros.

Stripper Deck: $ 9.00
Another classic magic deck. Also known as the taper deck, this pack allows you to do wonders that will make people think you have years of card handling skill. Professionally made in Bicycle backs. There are books and videos on the market teaching lots of tricks with this pack.

End Strippers: $ 12.50
Same as the Stripper deck but the work has been done to the end of the deck instead of the side. Very different and hard to find in your local magic shop. Professionally made in Bicycle backs. The choice of the pros.

Wild Card W /Frank Garcia handling: $ 6.50
Wild Card is one of the most recognized card effects in magic. Frank Garcia was a good friend and gave us permission to sell his handling with our outfits. Basically a packet of 9 cards are shown, Eight are alike and one is different. The different card is the Wild Card. One by one the 8 cards change to match the Wild Card. No palming, no rough and smooth. Our sets are Bicycle backs and come in a nice vinyl wallet.

Hunter's Monte: $ 10.00
The street swindle becomes a visually stunning routine. Only a couple of simple moves (taught in the instr.) Super strong effect that packs a wallop, comes complete with Bicycle factory printed cards, a special made wallet, and 9 pages of instr. With 16 illustrations. If you saw it, you would buy it!

Dirty Deal: $ 10.00
A hand of cards, a series of bewildering changes, plus an outstanding climax add up to Bruce Cervons' Dirty Deal. We liked this so much that we secured the rights from Magic Inc. to manufacture this great trick. All the cards are poker size, very colorful backs, comes in its own wallet, with step by step instructions. Resets fast and ideal for walkaround gigs.

Foolproof Locator Deck: $ 20.00
From Bruno Canaldi of Italy comes a deck that has universal appeal. The deck has been trimmed short and the corners rerounded, so any card from a regular deck that you add to the locator deck, becomes a long card or locator card. The uses are endless. Comes with a booklet of tricks, tips and ideas, made in Bicycle backs. We are working on a large book of tricks contributed by magicians from around the world, all using this deck of cards. Even comes with the Canaldi family spaghetti sauce recipe. You will like this deck.

Impossible: $ 6.50
Here is a real mind bender from Bruno Canaldi. Magician removes a deck and fans it facing himself. He takes two cards and places them to the side face down. Now two spectators each select a card. The deck is shuffled and run through, Now get this - the two selected cards have vanished from the deck, it now has only 50 cards. The two cards placed to the side at the very beginning are turned over by a spectator and prove to be the two selected cards. That is strong! And so easy to do. You get Brunos' instructions and the special cards in Bicycle to add to your deck. This is a reputation maker.

Hunter's Aces: $ 8.00
This is the handling and routine for a super ace assembly by Canada's own Rudy Hunter. A visual appearance of the aces one by one, They are placed into a row and three cards each are deposited on each one. One by one each of three of the aces vanish from their pile only to appear with the fourth ace all together. Classic trick, great handling, and you get the factory printed Bicycle gaffs needed for this trick with full instructions. An excellent trick to make them sit up and notice.

The Gambler's Deal: $ 6.00
Bridget came up with this one, A jumbo card held face down is holding a deck of cards. Spectator takes the deck, shuffles it, then deals the cards one at a time face up on the table. At anytime, they deal the next card face down. The jumbo card is used to scoop up the face down card and when both are turned over, they match 100%. Very easy to do, the jumbo card does the work, leaving you free to work on presentation. You get the special Jumbo Bicycle card & Instr.

52 on 1 Bicycle Poker size:
3 for $ 5.00 all 52 cards printed on the face of a Bicycle card. Great gag card, use in combination with card to wallet.

My Sister's Dilemma: $ 5.00
A great story trick, a hand is shown to contain 5 - 10's, you explain that there are only 4 in each deck, One with a different color back is removed and an Ace is added. The gambler is worried with 4- 10's and a ace, in case someone gets 5 kings or 5 aces etc. You explain that the ace is magic and tap the rest of the cards with it. Now the cards are counted out and are a royal flush in spades. The cards can be examined, there is nothing to be found. Very clean and easy to do. Great story. Made in Bicycle backs. Great for walkaround, fast reset.

Printer's Demon: $ 6.50
Here is another great trick by Canada's Rudy Hunter, but this one takes a bit of work. Four blank cards visually print backs and fronts one by one, then change back to blanks on both sides. Instant reset, but you'll need to practice the count used to master this one. Cards are Bicycle backs, complete.

Mentalogie: $ 20.00
We felt so strong about this great old effect that we bought the rights to it. From England's Vic Taylor comes a card effect that will absolutely fry your audience. A deck is removed andw shown front and back, 20 cards are counted out and the rest of the deck put aside. Ten of these cards are counted face down and banded with an elastic band and given to a spectator to hold in their pocket. The other cards are fanned and a spectator merely thinks of one card. A snap of the finger and the cards are counted, there are now only 9 cards in your hands and their freely thought of card is gone. When they remove the cards from their pocket and count, there are now 11 cards and their thought of card is amongst them. This is so easy yet knocks them for a loop. Made up in Bicycle backs, resets instantly, and comes with full instructions. You will do this 15 minutes after you get it, and you will see this is the ultimate kick butt card trick. Don't try to follow this with another trick, it is too strong for that. An ideal closer effect!

Ghost of a Chance: $ 5.00
Another winner from Italy's Bruno Canaldi. The story revolves around a haunted house, played by a blue back deck of cards. A card is selected and signed, and returned to the deck. The deck is spread and a red backed card is seen amongst the blue. When that card is cut to, it is seen to have a ghost on its back. This card is turned over and sure enough it is the signed selected card. The back is rubbed on your sleeve and, turned over, it is now a blue backed card that can be given out proving there is no such thing as ghosts!. Great trick, quick reset for walkaround. You get the special ghost card and instr. Plus an additional gimmick that you can add whatever you wish to it, such as a co. logo, your name etc.

Slap A Steak on That Thing: $ 10.00
This is Rudy Hunter's work on the shiner. You get the unbreakable acrylic shiner and an 8 page booklet describing 4 ways of using this shiner to entertain and make money. This was a hit during Rudy's lectures and sold out fast. Now remade and back in stock ready to ship.

To Market - To Market: $ 20.00
A real gem of mentalism using just four 8" sq. laminated plaques. Each plaque contains a series of grocery items. 1,2,3 or even 4 spectators can partake. Each thinks of a grocery product on the plaques. Then you reveal which item they were thinking of. Very clean, easy to do. The creation of England's Nigel Whitcomb. The plaques can be examined as there is really nothing to find and no one will ever reconstruct the system used in this great effect.

To Market - To Market Close-Up size: $ 10.00
The response to the above has been so good and many have asked for a smaller pocket size version, that we now have a pocket size version approx. 4" sq. great for walkaround.

Double Shock: $ 8.50
You show a deck of cards, half the deck is red back and half is blue back. You separate the halves, and spread one on the table. A spectator freely pushes one card forward which is taken and added to your half. You in turn place a card down on their half and the halves are cut burying the selections. Now the halves are spread and the selected cards are fairly seen, a red card amongst the blue and a blue card amongst the red, what could be more fair? Now these two cards are turned over and shock one they are the same, say both King of Clubs. You mention that often people think that the rest of the cards are all the same, well they are, you turn both halves over and spread them, they are all 7 of diamonds. That is shock two. Very easy trick to do, comes complete, easy reset.

Cards Up Sleeve: $ 8.00
Another great Rudy Hunter effect. This 12 page booklet with 10 illustrations takes you step by step through Rudy's handling of this classic. Five cards are selected and signed, then vanish one by one only to appear in the pocket. You can do this for 'a couple of people or hundreds, you can even use a borrowed deck. It will take a couple evenings of practice, but it is so worth it. Clean and always ready to do anytime.

Al Koran Deck: $ 12.50
Here is a unique deck that allows you to hand it to a spectator with instructions to deal the cards face up into a pile and stop anytime they wish. When he stops you hand him an envelope which contains a written prediction of the card he would stop at. That is just one of the effects possible with this pack. Made in Bicycle cards with full instr. You will think of many more once you. play with it. Note: These decks are made up with a certain combination of cards that allow the best psychological advantages possible.

Hunter's Vitamin "C": $ 10.00
It took us a while to talk Rudy into letting us put this out. This is Rudy Hunter's version of the Bill in Lemon, but whet a version. You get the 12 page booklet with 10 illustrations taking you step by step through this; Stand-Up , Gaffless, Signed, Borrowed, any denomination Bill in Lemon or any other fruit you choose to use. No advance prep, you can do this anytime, anywhere, and you are always ready, this is the choice of many pros who know real magic when they see it.

Anytime Anywhere Linking Ropes: $ 15.00
This is the creation of Wayne Raeke first released in 1981. Now it is back in a 10 page booklet with 14 illustrations making every detail perfectly clear. You pass out for inspection three ropes. They are tied into loops, and you link and unlink them, then link them and toss them out clean as a whistle. No magnets, no threads, this is really good. You will need to take about 2 or 3 nights to practice the handling. You even get a set of three ropes although you can use any ropes, even borrowed ropes to do this effect.

Slydini's Torn and Restored Newspaper: $ 5.00
Tony gave us the Ok to put this out, and we give you detailed instructions with many photos to take you through making the papers all the way through the step by step performance. You also get a sample made set of papers so you can see how the units are made up, then you can make them.

No-Gimmick Card Frame: $ 20.00
A 5 x 7 picture frame is shown and taken apart showing all parts, then reassembled. A card is selected from a deck and vanishes. The frame is turned over and there is the card inside. Frame is opened and card removed. You can have a birthday card magically appear in the frame, and the kids will hold onto that for sure. Frame is wood, comes w/ full instr. You will love this when you try it out. Very easy to do.

Four Times A Charm: $ 10.00
Four red back bicycle cards are shown face up, then one by one they turn face down just by rubbing them on the sleeve. One card is removed and placed into a small envelope where it is visible thru a window the whole time. You coand a change and remove the card, it now has a blank face. When the remaining three cards are spread, there are now all four cards. Next these four cards are turned over and each back is a different color and style. Great walkaround, easy reset, no rough and smooth, no elmsley count, no double face cards, in fact, at the end the four cards can be examined. By Mike Zappi

Hand Made Custom Cards:
We have been making hand made cards for well over 25 years now. Basically you tell us what you need, and we will make it up for you. Double Face card/ Double Back card/ Half and Half (side by side) or (top & bottom)/ Diagonal Splits/ each card: $ 2.00 PLEASE use Comment section in PayPal

Index Deck : $ 50.00
This is a packet of 26 cards, all double facers, Ace of Spades backed with Ace of Clubs, Two of Spades backed with Two of Clubs and so on. Ideal for Premonition, Quick Call, Thought Explosion Wallet. Etc. This is for experienced workers

Force Deck :
52 all alike, your choice $ 8.00

Force Deck:
Two Way $ 7.50

Force Deck:
Three Way $ 7.50

Short Card or Corner Short Card.
Your choice 2 / $ 1.00 (for shorts, specify what card or cards you would like, and for corner shorts, specify corner or corners you wish to have cut in Paypal comment section.)

Let us know your card needs, we will do all that we can to provide you with the quick quality service we are known for.

Martini Magic Publications

The Buddha & The Teddy Bear : $ 25.00
This 45 page book spiral bound by Rudy Hunter, contains mental magic for the real world. If you have read his many contributions in the Linking Ring, Magick, Magical Arts Journal and others, you will know the calibre of the material contained in these pages. There are 13 items including a great time revelation and a new slant on the 3 billet test that will not take years of work. The telephone oracle is perhaps the strongest feature in the book allowing you to reveal personal information over the phone to complete strangers. Many have said this alone is worth more than the price of the book. This is all material that Canadian mentalist Rudy Hunter uses to earn his living. If you are searching for top notch material, here it is.

Turning Thoughts To Gold : $ 35.00
63 Pages spiral bound of Powerful Psychic secrets from one of the top private readers in the business. And Yes, it does include The Camp Chesterfield Papers. Alexander Thomas was offered a blank check a few years back just for this and refused to sell it. Now you can get that plus a lot more. The first half of the book is material for the private reader, and the second half of the book is all seance material from his private seance work. Here are the secrets that have earned a living for this man for well over 25 years. Now you can get it today.

101 Cold Reading Lines You can use to make $: $ 5.00
Many will bypass this booklet due to its' size, and that is a shame. Here are the top 101 lines that Rudy Hunter uses to get the money, and get those return engagements. These lines can be used for palm readings, tea leaves, runes, cards etc. One top mentalist said this little booklet is worth 10 times its price, but you can get it now and at a very reasonable price.

Mind & Money Seminar Book : $ 25.00
Back in 1996 Rudy Hunter came down from Canada and did a series of seminars in 15 major cities. Each seminar ran 4 hours and admission was $100 per person. For that fee, each person has access to all the great and practical information Rudy tipped on cold reading, billets, publicity, advertising, and even a seance performed at each location with shut eyes brought in as participants. Each attendee raved over this material and was given three years to use it before it was made available to other mentalist and psychics. Now the time is up, and here is the release of those notes from that seminar, revised and updated including new tips on cruise ship work, seance material. And his full reading method. 45 pages of real world material from a top pro. Don't pass this one up.

The Magic of Aunt Maggie: $ 15.00
Maggie Harrington was a delightful children's entertainer in England. Very successful and knowledgeable about what kids like and don't like. Here in this 76 page spiral bound book, are her thoughts on children's entertainment as well as loads of tricks from her show. All of the tricks are detailed with drawings and measurements so you can make there yourself at home with very little skill. Included is her mini goofus plant made from a sleeve bouquet, her nest of boxes, candy is dandy and you will even learn how to make your own mouth coils. For the items that use special artwork, that is here also ready to be copied and laminated. This is really a great book, you will not be sorry you bought this one.

Over the Falls Lecture Notes: $ 5.00
This is the set of notes from Rudy Hunter's last lecture tour of the states. 16 full pages of material spiral bound, including his lazy ring in aspirin bottle, a section on crimps, a false cut that will fool you badly, a gaffless brainwave and a dynomite card in wallet using any wallet. All solid top notch material.

Martini's Europe "2001" Lecture Notes: $ 10.00
Here are the notes from my European lecture tour in 2001. 26 pages spiral bound including my card in envelope, 7th, inning stretch, Bill in Bubble gum, No gimmick card frame, Fountain of silks, Sand of old Egypt, ring in tea bag and more. You also get a floating card ready made in the back of the notes. This is the floating card that floats from one hand to the other across and in front of the chest.

Hunter's Card Hustles : $ 12.00
Make no mistake, these are not bar hustles, but solid close up tricks using guess what... Cards! Here are a dozen top notch items in the 38 pages spiral bound for you to enjoy. Included are; Free drinks, Hunter's natural fan control, natural table control , between the sheets, blushing, think a card strategies, and another of Rudy's great card in wallets called Wad Hustle. This trick is so strong we know three dealers that demonstrate that trick and sell this book like crazy. Good solid material for the working magician.

Lickity Split "The Art of Card Splitting Card" : $ 10.00
Here are 22 pages on the lost Art of Splitting Cards. With this card splitting technique you can make double facers, side-by-side backs, side-by-side faces, end-to-end backs, end-to-end faces, diagonal splits faces, and diagonal splits face & back. If you want to be original, create your own card effects, and want to move to the next level of skill when performing magic with cards, then these lecture notes are for you.

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